Foreign Films with Shelly Isaacs

Tuesday, June 26th,7:30pm 

 The Movies of Delray  


 Winner - 2018 Japanese Academy Awards

Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay  


The Third Murder - 2017 - Japan - 120 Min.

From one of international cinema's foremost directors comes a courtroom drama posing serious questions about the judicial system and the concept of judging another human being. A leading attorney takes on the defence of murder-robbery suspect who served jail time for another murder 30 years ago. His client freely admits his guilt, despite facing the death penalty if he is convicted. But as the attorney digs deeper into the case, elements begin to make him doubt whether his client is the murderer after all.


"A powerful, intricately constructed meditation on the mysteries of the heart, the elusiveness of truth and the injustices of the Japanese justice system"

- Mark Schilling, The Japan Times


"The Third Murder is a captivating puzzle." 


- Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian


" Sleek and suspenseful, deceptive and profound, The Third Murder is an artful addition to the canon of modern-day crime drama, one whose core mysteries encompass more than just the case at hand."

- Michael Leader, Sight & Sound




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