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Sami Blood - 2016 - Sweden - 110 Min.

In this revealing dramatic and revealing look  at the the only indigenous people of Scandinavia during the 1930s, a young Sami girl embarks on a journey to transform her life. To achieve her goals, she must cut all ties with her family and culture.



"Sami Blood is a beautiful, haunting film, anchored by a startlingly accomplished lead performance."

- Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post


"...has a classic sheen, but with its powerful sense of place and sensitive performances, it’s no fusty museum piece."

- Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times


" richly conveys a sense of the time and place, with elegant shots that glide through the Nordic wilderness."

- Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times



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RED is for Movies of Delray
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