Foreign Films with Shelly Isaacs

Friday, June 23rd,1pm 
 The Movies of Lake Worth
Best Director, Best Film, Best Actress - 2017 Italian Academy Awards

Like Crazy - Italy - 2016 - 118 min.

Donatella and Beatrice reside in a psychiatric facility in Tuscany. They have very different life stories, but a chance to escape brings them together in an adventure that will change their lives forever and will help them realize the beauty in imperfection.

"This is a movie that can be enjoyed in different ways and for lots of reasons. It's dramatic and it's funny, and it has a warm humanity at its center."
- Mick La Salle, San Francisco Chronicle

"Boasting a deliriously loquacious script together with a rare understanding of how to balance certain Italian caricatures with a grounding sense of realism - a combination that's truly Virzì's forte - the film takes two psychologically damaged women...and makes them into a mutually supportive duo who surprisingly touch our emotions." 
- Jay Weissberg, Variety

"The film's freewheeling energy is as appealing as its developments are unpredictable."
- Lisa Nesselson, Screen International


Sunday June 25th, 10:15am
The Movies of Delray

Menashe - 2017 - USA - 102min.

An absorbing journey into vital New York subculture. Within Brooklyn's ultra-orthodox Jewish community, a widower battles for custody of his son. A tender drama performed entirely in Yiddish, the film intimately explores the nature of faith and the price of parenthood.

"Menashe is a warm, relatable and tender tale about parental love, religion and belonging, told humanely and with vivid authenticity."
- Claudia Puig, The Wrap

"Menashe works as both a rare introduction to a way of life largely unseen (or exaggerated by those outside of it) as well as a touching depiction of fighting for what's most important in life."
- Jordan Raup, The Film Stage

" it succeeds at showing how his challenges are more universal than judgmental viewers might think."
- Eric Kohn, Indiewire

Thursday, June 29th,10:30am 
The Movies of Delray

Friday, June 30th,
 The Movies of Lake Worth  

       THE COMMUNE    

Best Actress - 2016 Berlin Film Festival


The Commune - Denmark - 2016 - 111min.

This sharply observed study of how new values can quickly come into conflict with old habits and affiliations, examines the fallout from the social upheavals of the 1970s through the microcosm of a Copenhagen commune. 

"The first thing, even the main thing, to be said about "The Commune" is that it's alive... [It] pulses with screwy energy and antic confusion. And a snake in the communal garden heightens the drama."
- Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

"This is a warm, sharply characterized and absorbing melodrama" 
- Tom Huddleston, Time Out London

"Togetherness doesn't work so simply: touching, as well as funny, to be shown how clever people once hoped otherwise.."
- David Sexton, London Evening Standard

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