Foreign Films with Shelly Isaacs

Sunday, December 9th 10:15 am

 The Movies of Delray




I Dream In Another Language - 2017 - Mexico - 103 min. 

 2017 Sundance  Audience Award for Best International Feature

2017 Ariel (Mexican Academy Award) - Best Film


An indigenous language is in peril as its last two speakers, two men in their 70s, had a quarrel in the past and haven't spoken to each other in over 50 years. Martín, a young linguist, will undertake the challenge to bring the old friends back together and convince them to once again talk to each other so he can obtain a recorded registration of the language and study it. However, hidden in the past, in the heart of the jungle, lies a secret concealed by the language that makes it difficult to believe that the heart of Zikril will beat once again.


"Thought-provoking, visually compelling...a meditation on love and language."

- Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter


"This is an unusual venture, both charming and serious, that goes in more directions than anticipated, including more than a touch of magic realism."   

- Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times


"It's thrilling to see such an original, mature story seek to fill its big heart with poetry."

- Nick Allen,


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